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The ShanghaiTime: how it all happened

I think it might be interesting to write down all the info about my participation in the When Prague Meets Shanghai contest as it eventually became one of the milestones in my fight for resurrecting the nixie tubes manufacture. I had just finished the garden shed in the summer 2013 and immediately moved my tube [...]

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Looking for a few crazy enthusiasts!

Hi! Do You count yourself as a nixie tube enthusiast? Would You like to become a part of nixie tube’s rebirth? I worked really really hard past two years, on full time basis, putting a small scale nixie tube manufacture together and I am almost ready now.. I designed first nixie clock with tubes made [...]

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Getter flasher building photos

I currently build a getter flasher according to Ron Soyland‘s design (he will publish it on his site soon). There is a few photos from the building process:

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Introducing: ShanghaiTime nixie clock

Soooo.. After six weeks of intensive development, I am posting first photo of finished ShanghaiTime clock. As I already wrote, I designed this clock for a glass-art contest “When Prague Meets Shanghai” arranged by a czech company producing high-end glass chandeliers called Preciosa. I plan to write more, attach some photos of the innards, electronics [...]

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Facebook page established

I decided to establish a Facebook page for nixie making project. I plan to add there some random photos, snapshots and so.. I called it “DaliborFarny.com”, on that domain will be a static content and some products for sale I hope You are welcome here: Facebook page

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Nixie clocks for a contest

I am working hard on a clocks for a contest called “When Prague Meets Shanghai” (more about contest here: WPMS). This is a first oportunity how to present working tubes in a real product.

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Another nixie tubes made

As I promised, I started making a sample tubes. I am now working on a project for one local contest, more later.. And I made two new tubes as a prototypes for that project. All three tubes, from oldest to newest.

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Big progress: Lab Sample No.3

I experienced big success today. I sealed first really working nixie tube (or nixie retort . I surprisingly didn’t forget to do any individual step in the making process and ended up with a tube that by far exceeded my expectations. I tested the tube carefully on the helium leak detector several times, I also [...]

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Garden shed finished

Finally, the shed is finished and I can start moving all the equipment that I gathered in recent two years there. Building of the shed was the major job during last 5 months, I didnt have much time for real nixie tube research, but that changes! I made the glassblowing stuff working today – torches, [...]

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Metal parts for nixie tubes

I got a sample of etched parts today, the quality is absolutely outstanding! Sharp edges, no etched spots, no under-etched places. I cant wait to put it all together! Sorry for quality of the photos, all were made in a hurry, as usual Hexagonal anode grid

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